Dead last in kickball, first in guac consumption. Olé. 

Last week I had the pleasure of spending my Cinco de Mayo afternoon playing kickball in Central Park with my fellow “UnderWarriors” for our annual company tournament!  It was a little cold for a May afternoon, and I am NOT athletic, but I have to say I had a blast with my team. 

Our big team dwindled down to just 7 players as real work took precedence over running around in the park, but I guess playing this year is a perk of being at the bottom of the corporate ladder with my position as a trainee! (There’s always a bright side!)

We were playing for the coveted golden kickball that the dress shirts team continually takes home, and…..well….if you haven’t guessed already, we came in dead last and the trophy remains out of reach for one more year.

Whether we won or lost, the important thing is we put up a good fight, raised money for charity and got to spend time with colleagues we don’t normally get to chat with. Sounds like a win to me! 

More importantly, when we got knocked out of the competition we got to start our Cinco de Mayo celebrations early!! We wore mustaches during our games and headed over Blockheads for an after tournament toast to our efforts! 

All in all, I can definitely confirm that sports and I are not friends and that I am much better suited to sit in my big comfy chair and hover over a calculator all day. Totally worth the getting hit in the face though, I’m just thankful for a company that allows us to partake in these charity events and that supports us getting out of our comfort zones to try something new.

I think I better start warming up for next year….

☀️ & ❤️,



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