Last week I was honored to attend the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership NYC Gala at the New York Athletic Club. I went to a HOBY seminar my sophomore year of high school when my counselor and principle chose me to represent my class. Each year, hundreds of sophomores from around the world are chosen to attend a HOBY seminar to learn about leading with character, values and a service mindset. 7 years later, I was able to be reunited with this incredible organization for a night of dinner and recognition to fundraiser for future students to be able to receive this incredible opportunity. 

The NYAC was an absolutely incredible venue, filled with so much history and excitement. The best part was hearing so many stories from my dad when I got home about how he used to spend his Saturday mornings there with his friends as a kid, or describing his favorite meal from the club, and talking about how his father (my grandfather) knew every person who worked and there and how they knew him by name. This was my first time in the NYAC, and I finally understood why it feels so much like home for my family. 

I have to thank HOBY for that amazing seminar 7 years ago, for an absolutely divine evening last week, and for allowing me to learn just a little bit more about my family’s past. The values of servant leadership remained ingrained in me to this day, and it am so incredibly thankful that I was chosen to receive this opportunity that will continue to influence and shape my life as I grow. 

With love & gratitude,



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