Our weekend at the convent: Ventnor Beach 2016

Yes, you read that title right. Last weekend we packed up and headed down to Ventnor Beach, NJ to spend the weekend in the seaside convent of the Holy Family Sisters. My mom’s friend is a volunteer with the sisters, so we rented out the 17 bedroom, 34 bed home for a long weekend down the shore. 

(Thanks for the photo, Google)
I was a little skeptical about what to expect, but we had a BLAST. All in all there were about 20 of us at one point or another at the house which was a 30 second walk from the boardwalk. When Chris and I arrived on Friday afternoon, we walked to the beach with my mom and wandered around the boardwalk for a bit before the rest of the group arrived. 

We had a big family dinner Friday night and headed over to the casino to play some slots and roulette…and I won $50! I got up early Saturday morning with my mom to hop over to the beach to see the sunrise…totally worth the 5:30AM wake up call…

After breakfast we rented bikes from a local bike shop and rode about 10 miles all around Ventnor and Margate! We even stopped to see Lucy the Elephant! 

(Lucy the elephant in Margate)
(Nope, not a bike lane!)

After we returned our bikes, we headed over to the outlets (after sneaking in some salted caramel pretzel ice cream!) to shop a little bit and got home just in time to beat the storm! Luckily, the convent got new awnings that morning, so we got to sit outside to have appetizers and wine and enjoy everyone’s company before dinner. 

After that came family dinner again…this time salad, grilled chicken, pasta salads, rolls and cookies & cream puffs for dessert! We spent the rest of the evening chatting, playing games & walking on the boardwalk to relax and take a break from all of our crazy lives. Sunday began with homemade breakfast sandwiches & a trip back to Atlantic City for a little more gambling and a nice breezy walk on the boardwalk one last time! 

When someone says, “Do you want to come to the convent for the weekend?” I’m not really sure what to say. After this weekend, my answer will definitely be YES!

Big shoutout to Sister Gibby who stayed with us all weekend for opening up the shore house to us & a big thank you to my mom for inviting Chris and I to join her and her friends!

Lots of love for the Big Man for all the wonderful blessings in my life,



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