It’s here, it’s here! Summer has officially ARRIVED. Memorial Day Weekend is the official kickoff to summer at the lake, and this year was no different. I had a 4-day weekend  (shoutout to the CEO for that one!) so we headed up north to Lake George Thursday night and beat some of the Holiday rush! 

Friday was a hot but beautiful day so Christopher and I headed up to Adirondack Extreme to climb for a few hours and cool off on the big zip lines. Much to our surprise we ended up right in the middle of a downpour while up in the trees, but it was AWESOME! I said to Chris just last week when I went for a run and it started to rain that being outside and doing physical activity makes me feel so…alive. Working all week inside and going 10-12 hours straight without fresh air can be really frustrating for me. I wouldn’t call myself outdoorsy or anything, but sunshine and fresh air are absolutely vital to my happiness. And, apparently, rain too. 

It’s easy to fall into the routine of get up, get on the train, sit at your desk and go home and think it’s completely normal to go in early, eat lunch at your desk and just catch the sunset on your way out the office doors at night. But that makes me feel dead inside. I didn’t realize how much I was longing to be outside until I went on that run last week…being outside, moving, feeling the drops on my skin was exhilarating.

 That feeling of pure joy for living is exactly how I felt being up on a rope swing 40 feet in the air swinging from tree to tree during a random downpour. Alive. 

Maybe I’m feeling philosophical because life has thrown some curve balls lately, but I think Friday was a perfect metaphor for life that it’s taken me a while to really understand. Sometimes a storm comes of out nowhere and you have two choices: embrace it or let it ruin you. We could’ve easily been pissed off that it quite literally rained on our good time, but instead we chose to smile, look up, feel the water and laugh. It turned out to be one of my favorite days at Adirondack Extreme because it wasn’t perfect, and maybe that’s how life is too. I finally get it: you literally have to learn to dance in the rain. 

Saturday was beach clean up day for our association, so I spent three hours shoveling wood chips to fill in our paths from the beach to the docks…my back is felling that today! (Ugh, am I that old already?!)  That afternoon we headed into the Village to go to the arcade and visit some of the shops along the Main Street. Chris, Kerry and I all did great and we won enough tickets to get Chris an awesome LG beer mug (perfect for Lienkeugel by the water if you ask me.) Then we hit up the Memorial Day Sales at the outlets and headed home to relax by the water. 

Arguably the best part of the weekend was Saturday night. After Stewart’s ice cream, Chris and I sat up on the top deck for a bit and just looked at the stars. I always forget how clear and bright the stars are upstate when I’ve been away for a while. Getting back up on that roof and looking up never fails to take my breath away…that’s something I don’t have in NJ and definitely won’t have moving to NYC.  

Sunday started off with chocolate chip pancakes & fruit (yum!) before we spent a few hours at the beach. We went over to a new restaurant for lunch, The Avaitor at the Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport in Queenbury. YUMMY. Our table was right along the window overlooking the tarmac and although we only saw 2 planes take off, it was still super cool and the food was delicious! Chris is a huge avation fan, so I’m really happy he got to come and experience it for himself.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

Sending lots of love from the Lake,



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