Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas for those who celebrate and a wonderful Holiday season for those who don’t! 

I spent Christmas Eve-Eve at 230 Fifth in NYC celebrating the end of our work week with my coworker! The rooftop is filled with heated igloos and provides STUNNING views of the city, especially One World Trade at sundown and the Empire State Building lit up after dark!  Drinks are understandably a bit pricy (think $15 bellini!) and locals and tourists alike flock to see the igloos so arriving early is a must! Even though it does get crowded, we still had a blast and enjoying hanging out and meeting new people in our igloo! Definitely would recommend….great first date spot for sure for those with a love interest this winter 😘 ! 

I spent Christmas Eve at my boyfriend’s house this year. This was our third Christmas together (AH!) and it was so wonderful to spend time with his family. He definitely did good and got me a navy Longchamp bag…swoon. Dinner was delicious as usual and  I left with a full belly and a full heart ❀️️

Christmas morning I had a 5:30AM wake up call to start my morning of travel up to the Lake! I love riding Amtrak, especially on a holiday when it isn’t crowded and everyone is cheery! The views on the ride up to the Adirondacks are absolutely breathtaking….nearly the entire ride is right along the Hudson. It is certainly a very peaceful and calming way to travel. Once I got to the lake my family did presents and I got 3 books this year! πŸ“š I can’t wait to get reading! Other top gifts…a set of flannel jammies, wool socks for our trip to Germany and a scratch off world map for tracking my travels! 🌍🌎🌏  

On Christmas afternoon my sisters and I went sledding up the mountain from our house….well worth the 6 hours of travel! There is nothing quite like a white Christmas at the Lake! 
Happy Holidays ❀️️

Love & light,



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